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Avo Releases 2022 “30 Year” Anniversary

According to AVO Cigars, “The AVO 22 30 Years release is a devoted collector’s dream come true coming as the third release in the AVO 30 Years Collection. Avo Uvezian’s personal blend, AVO 22, is a notoriously complex cigar encased in a modern take on the original cylindrical packaging, bringing a contemporary look and feel to an unprecedented fan favorite. Just like the original release from 2002, each unit features a unique production tag containing special information on the blend, roller and production details.

The AVO 22 30 Years certainly commands much visual attention.  First, it is packaged in a wooden cylinder that features a tag that denotes the blend, roller and production details. 

In the hand, this Perfecto-shaped gem is wonderfully constructed. It is firmly rolled, but not packed too tight, with just the right amount of give to be found.

Come in to Smoky’s Fine Cigars and grab this classic release for your collection!!